Grace United Church


Some outreach work

We are a congregation that is aware of and responsive to the needs of the world around us.  Whether it’s serving meals at a soup kitchen (hosted in several locations), building access ramps for neighbors, reaching out to the wider world through our own connections with Haiti, or via our denominations and other organizations, we try to be connected with the needs of our sisters and brothers.

Locally, we raise funds for the hungry, give gifts for needy children at Christmas  and through our Congregational Samaritans we assist folks in the community with emergency needs.

We share both of our buildings with a number of community groups and organizations, charging well below the market rate for most users.  Our Disciples roots were steeped in using church buildings as community centers and we continue to endorse that part of our mission.

Built access ramps  (church group with both local funds and outside grants)

Supported Meals-on-wheels and Community Kitchen by:

   Putting on 2 fund-raising concerts

   Serving fund-raising lunches

   Hosting Community Kitchen

   Providing Worship Center for county Senior Luncheon site at low cost

Sponsored 4 students in Haiti

Supported Haiti Outreach

Supported Lifespring (a rural medical clinic in Haiti)

Supported a local adult college student (not a  member) who needed a computer

Purchased Christmas presents for community children

Regularly stocked the Salvation Army's food


Organized Rummage Sales providing

   inexpensive household goods at very low

   cost.  The leftover goods were donated to

   community groups


Supported our community by allowing the following groups to use our facilities:

     Office for the Aging

     Genesee Valley Chorus

     Wellsville Garden Club

     Allegany County Bird Club


     Growing Stronger Exercise program

     Hart House Memorial Program

     Starlight Theatre

     Gracefull Arts series - a year-long

     celebration of the arts, open to the

            entire community