Our Pastor

On January 10, 2021, members of Grace United Church unanimously voted to call Rev. Dr. Karen Heil Borchert as our new pastor. She began her full-tme ministry on April 1 of 2021.  Dr. Borchert was most recently co-pastor of a Presbyterian congregation in Tennessee along with her husband, Dr. Mark Borchert.

Pastor Karen's educational journey began at Houghton College, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and minors in political science and art. She earned a Master of Arts in clinical sociology from University of Northern Colorado, and a Master of Divinity in Christian Education and Doctor of Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As a seminarian she was especially drawn to courses in spiritual formation.

Originally ordained with the American Baptist Church, Pastor Karen completed the work allowing her to transfer her credentials to obtain full standing with the United Church of Christ (UCC) in March of 2023.  Her standing is also fully recognized by the Disciples of Christ.