Pastor Search

At present, Grace United does not have a regular pastor.  

Instead, we are a "lay-led" congregation that uses various people as guest speakers.  From week to week you will find preachers from various traditions worshiping with us.  We've used folks from the United Church of Christ, the Disciples of Christ, the American Baptist Church, the United Methodist Church, and other backgrounds.

In keeping with our Disciples of Christ roots, our weekly communion is often administered by our own "elders", who have had special training in acting in that capacity.  Elders and other members also visit the sick and act as points of contact for the church.

We still have great hopes of attracting a permanent pastor to help us move forward.   With the help of our parent denominations, our Pastor Search Team is hard at work trying to find us such a person. This team will consider a number of applicants, talk further with them while gathering as much information as possible.  The team will then bring forward a person to candiate for us.  (The person must be capable of having "standing" in the DOC and/or UCC.)

There will be a vote of the congregation to decide if we wish to extend an invitation to that person to become our pastor.

We are anxious to have a new pastor join us.  However, we know that we ourselves are the church and we are committed to moving forward in doing what we perceive God wants us to do for our community and for each other.

If you are a qualified, perspective pastor, wanting to investigate us further, please look at the links shown at the bottom left.